CALA PI HOMES is a regional home developer in cooperation with FINANZKONTOR S.L.

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We provide full legal support to our developer clients from land acquisition, financing and de­velopment through to construction, marketing and sales. Using our specialized knowledge, our accumulated expe­rience with many and varied projects and our well established rela­tionships with mu­nicipal staff and other professional consultants, we help keep our clients’ projects progressing expeditiously, in a well-managed and controlled manner and on a cost-effective basis.




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Cala Pi Mallorca is the silent oasis on the Sea
Cala Pi Mallorca Oasis on the Sea


One of the most beautiful places of tranquility in Mallorca is the small village of Cala Pi and its wonderful Bay. Cala Pi is situated on the southern coast of the Balearic Islands, it is a perfect combination of relaxation and nature close to the city.

Mallorca is almost 2 hours away from most of the European Cities, therefore is an ideal place for your Holiday Rental property. Plus the perfect weather, making it the ideal place to be either for a short weekend escape or a long term vacation. The name Cala means Bay. The Bay of Cala Pi is a Top Ten Hotspot of Mallorca and a dream for every real estate owner: enjoying the Sea View from your own home makes your holidays.

The beautiful Beach of Cala Pi Bay makes it unique. To reach the beach visitors have to go through a steep staircase through the rocks. It is also a spot where small ships like to anchor in the sea to enjoy the crystalline waters and the seclusion of the small bay. Snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing are of course on the agenda. The bay is comfortably protected so you barely have waves, ideal for the little ones to have fun!

Appart of the beach, visitors will find a variety of attractive leisure possibilities such as a trip to the nearby nature reserve Cabrera, enjoy the Golf Courses of Son Antem and Maioris. Bikers will get their money's worth in the mountains and can handle challenging routes. Thanks to its central location, you can also visit Palma Downtown, Llucmajor, Santanyi they are all easy to reach and offering the contrast to the tranquility in Cala Pi.

You also find mini markets and different Restaurants and Bars to delight yourself while you enjoy your vacation in Cala Pi.

With the acquisition of a property in Cala Pi the assets are ideally created - in the most beautiful time of the year on a multi-faceted island, which will not lose its charm even after many years.