be your own investor

Are you looking for hidden treasures? Wondering how to invest in Majorca real estate, and do not yet know how? With our proven investment model we can cover 100% of your wishes. Because with our system you can already be your own investor with small amounts of money. There are these three possibilities of a real estate investment on Majorca:

500 € - 10.000 €

Crowdfunding offers you the possibility to generate up to 6.5% interest per year with real estate investments on Majorca. Short to medium maturities enable you to exit quickly.

10.001 € - 200.000 €

The subordinated loan with security in Spain is an attractive option for investors who want to invest medium amounts. The interest rates are between 6.5% and 26% p.a. depending on the property and term.

200.001 € - 500.000 €

The own promoter activity is an attractive possibility for experienced investors to make more out of their money. Here you can earn a profit of over 30% from entrepreneurial activity.

be your own investor in Majorca real estate
be your own investor - with our proven experience

Hi. My name is Christoph Albeck.

I am Managing Partner of Cala Pi Homes. For more than 20 years I have been offering advice on real estate investment in Majorca. I know the pitfalls with an investment on Majorca, in addition, the enormous chances which offer themselves on the vacation island. I invite you in this program to become your own investor. Learn easily from my core competence Mallorca real estate buy and sell. Understand the profitable business model "Invest in Majorca real estate" and make your own profit.

Already with a manageable initial amount you can get to know the different phases of real estate acquisition and sale on Majorca. And profit thereby from my know-how on Majorca. Would you like to find out more about current investment opportunities? Contact me for a non-binding telephone call. You have further questions? Write to me. I would be happy to send you further information on the "Be your own investor" programme. Contact me via social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

"Be your own investor" - how to earn real money with Majorca Real Estate. Our investor program at Cala Pi Homes. Contact us for more information.